Arlington CROP Hunger Walk

About Arlington CROP Hunger Walk

The annual Arlington CROP Hunger Walk is back. Our official Walk Day is October 16, which coincides with the UN World Food Day and the National CROP Hunger Walk. Across America, and around the globe, people of good will are taking action to help families who are struggling with hunger and concerned about where they'll find their next meal. Join us!

Sadly, COVID is still with us. So like last year, teams and congregation will follow their own safety guidelines as adopted by its church leadership. Each team will organize its own Walk, or encourage individual or virtual Walks. You can fight hunger on your favorite hiking path or on the treadmill. And on your own schedule!

Recent events have added to the reasons we walk. The earthquake in Haiti devastated the southwest part of the island, where several of our Walkers helped with recover after the 2010 earthquake. 2200 people died, many thousands were injured, and the ever-present problem of hunger became a crisis of malnutrition. CROP Hunger Walks help fund programs to provide food relief and sustainable agriculture globally in countries like Haiti.

At home, America is welcoming more than 60,000 Afghan allies who have fled everything they knew, frequently with just the clothes on their backs. Many Afghan families will be coming to northern Virginia, and as they work to become self-sufficient again, resources like Arlington Food Assistance Center will be critical for them. 25% of funds raised by the CROP Walk go to AFAC

So let’s work together! We want to help as many people as we can and would love to have your help. Please join a team, or start your own. Or support a team or Walker with a donation! The steps we take - and the funds we raise - support programs that provide meals in Arlington and long-lasting solutions to hunger around the world.

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