Arlington CROP Hunger Walk

About Arlington CROP Hunger Walk

This year’s Arlington CROP Hunger Walk, October 16, will be conducted as we did last year; with each team and congregation organizing its own Walk or encouraging individual Walks or virtual Walks.

We want each team to follow its own safety guidelines as adopted by its church leadership

CROP Walk themes: ending hunger, Afghan refugee response, Haiti earthquake

I also want to mention another part of our effort. In addition to the main goal of ending hunger globally and locally, this year’s event will highlight Church World Service's work for refugees and resettlement (with a particular focus on the Afghan refugee response underway now) and the response to food insecurity in Haiti after the recent earthquake. I am involved in the Afghan refugee response locally with our CROP Walk partner, NOVA Friends of Refugees and statewide with the United Methodist Church. The funds we raise will assist (in part) CWS’s refugee work. AFAC’s food distribution may also help newly arriving Afghan families coming to Arlington. CWS also funds partners working to provide food relief and sustainable agriculture in Haiti. I hope to use the CROP Walk as a way to share information on these efforts and the global refugee crisis (which contributes to hunger and malnutrition).

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