Durham CROP Hunger Walk

About Durham CROP Hunger Walk

The needs of the hungry in Durham and worldwide are greater than ever.

Please join us for the 47th Durham CROP Hunger Walk. The week-long virtual event will kick off Saturday, April 10th and end on Sunday, April 18th.

Our walk this year is dedicated to our dear friend Kaaren Johansen.

Preparing for your virtual walk:

Register and set up your team page online so you don't have to handle cash and checks and to make it easy for people to join your virtual team and donate to you.

Recruit walkers and sponsors to support you online.

Come up with a plan for how your team will participate in the virtual walk.

Here are a few suggestions:

Plan a hike on a local trail where social distancing is possible - share about it on social media and in emails.

Contact one of our local agencies to see how you can help with their changing volunteer needs.

If you cannot walk: Get people to sponsor you for NOT walking.

Ask individual walkers to come up with their own activity, and please share your/their ideas with us to inspire other walkers.

Have your team (or individual walkers) video themselves talking about why they participate in the CROP walk and why it is important to them. Post it on social media using #EndHungerNow and #VirtualDurhamCROPWalk.

Remember to wear your t-shirt! Make sure to tag your friends and potential donors and include the link to your personal/team fundraising page.

How to handle check donations.

For walkers who choose to send a check:

Make checks payable to CWS/CROP and mail to Bob Newlin, CROP Hunger Walk Treasurer, 219 Dunhill Drive, Durham, NC 27713


Deposit checks to Truist (SunTrust) account CWS/CROP #812162452. Be sure to email Bob Newlin (bnewlin4@gmail.com) with the date, the amount, and the team so that the team can get credit.

Our local agencies and CWS need our support even more today. Together we can make a difference in the lives of our neighbors in Durham and around the world.

Stay tuned for more information about the virtual Team Captain Rally, t-shirts distribution and CROP Hunger Walk virtual kick-off event.

Together, we can help end hunger in our community and around the world.

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