St. John's Episcopal Church


Walk. Give. Change the world.

This year marks the 43rd year that St. John's has been involved with Church World Services (CWS) CROP Walk. In 1978, co-leader Kenille Baumgardner participated in the town's very first CROP event, walking a 5-mile route carrying a heavy container of water.  Now again, on Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021, Wake Forest will continue the fight against hunger, both globally and locally.  

Last year, amid a persistent pandemic and worried expectations, CROP's local leadership team modified the walk and lowered its fund-raising goals.  Instead of a large community walk through town on a single Sunday, individual teams such as St. John's held multiple mini-walks throughout an entire weekend, with something for families, teens, slo-walkers and those who like a little more challenge!

The result? Parishioners and friends rallied with their amazing, perpetual generosity, raising nearly $4,000, the highest amount ever for our church.   St. John's collections added to Wake Forest's approimate $18,000  total, again a record amount, nudging our fair town into #27 out of the 300+ Walks sponsored by CWS.   As always,  25 percent of the total stayed local, divided equally between Tri Area Ministry and Hope House, Inc.  

Buoyed by the success of last year's effort, Wake Forest will use similar modifications for 2021, though all teams encouraged, if possible, to plan their walks for Sunday, Sept. 26, shortly after 2 p.m. when the leadership team hopes to live-stream an enthusiastic video kickoff. St. John's is already planning a walk on the church campus following that Sunday's service while the teens will gather at Joyner Park, time TBA.   So, as we look forward now to our 43rd year with CROP, I hope you will join us as a walker, a supporter, a donor, or any combination of the above so that we can all continue to Fight Against Hunger in our town, our state, and our world.  

St. John's Episcopal Church