Pottstown CROP Hunger Walk

About Pottstown CROP Hunger Walk


Together we can make a local and global difference!

About CROP Hunger Walk:
The Pottstown CROP Hunger Walk is the heart and “sole” of Pottstown. It is the only event that brings together all members of our community — young and old, all faiths and walks of life for a common goal — to end hunger, one step at a time both locally and globally! This year we invite you to join us by doing one of the following:

  1. Register to walk as an individual walker.
  2. Create your own team and walk together as a group.
  3. Join the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities’ team.
  4. Make a donation online in support of the 2022 CROP Hunger Walk. You can make a donation in support of the walk or in support of a specific walker or team.

Walk Details:
You can walk anytime and anywhere, individually or as a team in socially distanced groups. You and/or your team can also select the distance you would like to pledge to walk. The date for the walk is April 30, 2022, meaning that is the deadline for walks to be completed, online donations to be made, and money to be collected. We are asking all walkers to take a photo or record a video during their walk and email it to communications@pottstowncluster.org to be shared on social media. If you share your walk on social media, please use: #PottstownCROPHungerWalk2022 and tag us @Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities and please make the post public. Email us if you have any questions.

Why Join and Why Support the 2022 Pottstown CROP Hunger Walk?
The Pottstown CROP Hunger Walk will support the mission of the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities as twenty-five percent of funds raised will support local efforts to provide food security to those in need in the Pottstown area. The funds raised are administered by Church World Service and seventy-five percent is directed to international hunger.