Peninsula Harbor CROP Hunger Walk

About Peninsula Harbor CROP Hunger Walk

- We will be walking at the South Coast Botanic Garden on Sunday, April 23rd from noon to closing at 5:00 pm.
- Those who are Garden members will need to make reservations in advance since it is a weekend.
- Non-members will be admitted free of charge to the Garden, but will need to provide their names and email addresses to team captains, who will then forward them through us to the Garden.
- We will need to submit Non-member information by April 20th to ensure free admission to the Garden.
- On Walk Day, we will begin meeting at noon in the picnic area in the Southwest corner of the Garden, adjacent to the entrance road.
- Congregations may choose to gather for a picnic before the Walk, or spend a few minutes getting to know the other walkers.
- We will have a brief opening ceremony at about 1:00 pm and Walkers are free to walk and enjoy the Garden for the remainder of the afternoon.
- The circular road is 1.3 miles in length and representative of the distance millions around the world (especially women and children) must walk to obtain water for domestic use.