Gettysburg CROP Hunger Walk

About Gettysburg CROP Hunger Walk

No one in this world should be hungry. That's why the CROP Hunger Walk is more than just a gathering of people in a place. We're part of a movement, taking steps and raising funds together to provide meals for those in our own community who need them - and supporting programs that create greater food security in communities all around the world.

Watch the following videos to see ways the CROP Hunger Walk impacts our world:
Welcome from CWS Community Engagement Manager Erin Luchenbill
Women and Water in Kenya
Kenya Emergency Food Distribution
Beekeeping - Kenya
Story from Cambodia
Rochester, NY, Resettlement Story

Please join in us in the fight against hunger as we walk along the Seminary Ridge Trail on the campus of the United Lutheran Seminary. The steps we take and funds we raise will make a difference in the lives of others.

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