2021 National CROP Hunger Walk - Ending Hunger One Step at a Time
2021 National CROP Hunger Walk

About 2021 National CROP Hunger Walk

The 2021 National CROP Hunger Walk is on October 16th - World Food Day. Walk on your treadmill, in your neighborhood, in a park with friends – you choose the location and the experience.

Two Event Experiences:

One Day – 3.7 miles (the average distance a woman walks for water)
Weekend Challenge – 11.1 miles (3.7 miles for 3 days)

Every step you take, every dollar you raise makes the walk shorter for neighbors in need by providing clean water systems, emergency food as well as livelihoods, and access to education.

Walk. Raise funds. End hunger and poverty. Provide clean water, stable livelihoods and education for the most vulnerable in our world.

Local Community Walks:

Looking for a local CROP Hunger Walk organized by others in your community? Head over to crophungerwalk.org and search for your location there!


Starts at:  October 14, 2021 11:00 PM
Ends at:  October 17, 2021 10:59 PM




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